The situation in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic

In the last few months, the Indonesian population is very concerned, starting from the government regulation, namely the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or commonly called PPKM which is very disturbing for sustenance seekers for the necessities of life. Since the beginning of PPKM, the community has been able to comply with all the rules that have been made, but so far it has not produced the desired results.

In fact, the regulation is being extended and extended without end, is this what is meant by defending the population.. Of course this is not a good solution, but if the Indonesian government is able to establish many hospitals that are ready to handle Covid-19 patients quickly, then this pandemic is certain. will soon pass..
This pandemic doesn’t just need masks, vaccines, social distancing or you could say prevention. We have to fight back by providing treatment fields such as hospitals that are ready to cure Covid-19 patients.

Sometimes we ourselves are funny seeing our leaders who can only talk patiently and patiently, maybe they don’t feel hungry because they haven’t eaten for days because of this PPKM rule, maybe those who have money saved can conthat there is assistance of several hundred thousand rupiahs for anyone who helps implement this PPKM, but have any of them thought that in an era like this, what are these several hundred thousand for? Not to mention there are rogues who corrupt the money. The officials in Indonesia must know that anything can be done just to fill an empty stomach, so make the rules wisely and carefully.

What we know is that we live in Indonesia since we were born, we have paid taxes until we die, we still pay taxes to our beloved country, but is this the state’s response to us? This article was created snesia, keep th spirit in going through this pandemic period, may we all be in His protection, always healthy in search of sustenance and don’t forget to comply with health protocols. Greetings to all of us.

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