Indonesia is in semi-lockdown, the residents are confused

It’s sad to live in your own country where else if not in Indonesia, a country where the officials always benefit themselves at the expense of the people, especially if it’s not about corruption.

The current situation is very sad for all Indonesian citizens, how can it not be, state officials make unreasonable regulations, namely what they call PPKM, according to many people PPKM regulations are regulations that don’t think about many citizens. where if the government implements a semi-lockdown, then the community must get assistance from the government properly.

In contrast to this PPKM, where the assistance is perfunctory, it severely limits the activities of residents who want to find a bite of rice to continue their survival, and the people who are struggling are increasingly difficult to make by the regulation.

It was heard that aids provided by the Indonesian government were stolen by aid distributors, but basically almost all Indonesians have understood that many of the officials are state mice.

The Indonesian government should immediately realize and start building many hospitals that will help covid patients in order to minimize the death rate due to covid, because there are many people who cannot afford hospital treatment, and not a few hospitals in Indonesia are taking advantage of opportunities during the pandemic. This is to make as much profit as possible.

Not only in hospitals, even in pharmacies where they sell medicines they use them to generate their own profits, for example medicines that are cheap and accessible to many people are always out of stock, in contrast to medicines that are expensive will always be available.

This article was made so that state officials can immediately realize and not be selfish, think about the millions of citizens who are difficult because of this pandemic period. Don’t just be sharp down and blunt up.

Be excited for the rupiah fighters in finding sustenance for the necessities of life, always wear a mask, keep your distance and always wash your hands. Hopefully this pandemic will pass quickly so we can all get back to normal activities like before.

Thus this article was made, may we all always be in the protection of God. Don’t stop to pray that everything will return to normal soon. Thank you for visiting this article, greetings are always healthy for all of us.

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