Units (Subjects)

How to read the unit descriptions
The units are grouped into two sections - 1. Internal units (which do not form part of any ACT course) and 2. ACT units. Units in the Internal group are listed by unit number without a letter prefix. ACT units are listed by Fields of Study and generally have a two letter code identifying their field of study, followed by three numbers.

ACT unit numbers in the 200-299 range are diploma level units. Those in the 300-399 range are foundation level undergraduate degree units, while those in the 400-499 range are advanced (generally second, third or fourth year) undergraduate degree units. Those in the 500-599 range are foundation level Master of Divinity or Graduate Diploma in Divinity units, while those in the 600-699 range are advanced (generally second or third year) units of the Master of Divinity. Those in the 700-799 range are postgraduate units in courses where a prior theological degree is a prerequisite (Master of Arts in Theology and Graduate Diploma in Theology). Units beginning with LA00 are language units at all levels from 200 to 500.

Some foundation level units may be taken in later years (second, third or fourth), but no advanced unit may be taken until 16 credit points (cps) of core foundation level units have been completed. These could be four of OT301/501, 302/502, NT301/501, 302/502, CH305/505 and language units. Students are encouraged to consult the ACT Undergraduate Handbook for a more complete syllabus description and bibliography of the (Advanced) Diploma and undergraduate degree units and the ACT Postgraduate Handbook for postgraduate units. Details may vary in future years.

The information under "Module" in the individual unit descriptions indicates components of units with discrete topics and/or lectures with notional weekly contact hours. A figure of less than 0.5 indicates the actual total hours divided by 10, e.g. 0.3 = three contact hours in total.

Where units are not offered this year, the details, including lecturer, are generally those relating to the unit the last time it was offered.

Some units have conditions, such as prerequisites or co-requisites. Where a unit has a prerequisite, the prerequisite must be taken before the unit is attempted. Where a unit has a co-requisite, the co-requisite must be taken either before the unit is attempted, or in the same semester. You may, in special cases, apply for the prerequisite condition to be treated as a co-requisite.

Forms of assessment at 300 to 600 levels may be subject to approval by ACT moderators. A 2 cp assessment option in some units is relevant only to PTC internal awards.

Individual Units Offered (pdf downloads)
PTC Internal Units

ACT Units (which may also form part of PTC awards)