Modes of Study

The PTC offers some flexibility in the mode of study.

Regular Attendance - Full-time and Part-time
Regular lectures are held for four to five days per week for two academic semesters per year, each of 12-13 weeks. A consistent attendance at lectures is expected of all students enrolled for attendance. Students, particularly candidates for the ministry and deaconess candidates, may occasionally be expected to be available at other times for special seminars, workshops and various forms of practical experience.

Full-time students are encouraged to participate in regular aspects of college life such as chapel and are expected to participate in a week-long annual mission. Subject to the availability of places, any of the units offered may be taken by part-time students. It is the aim of the PTC to offer at least two units per year as evening lectures, particularly units of the GradDipDiv. Part-time students are encouraged to participate in regular aspects of college life such as chapel and mission teams as they are able.

Distance Study
Please see the Distance Education Page.

The PTC plans to offer a number of units, typically those in the fourth year of the Diploma of Theological Studies by intensive mode on a three-year cycle.

Full-time students undertake a minimum of 12 cps of study. Students taking ACT awards may take a maximum of 20 cps for the semester. For internal awards ordinarily no more than six (non-repeat) units (including 2 cp units) or seven (including repeated units) may be taken.

Typically a 4 cp unit involves 3 contact hours per week for a semester. See under each unit for details of contact hours (usually means the hours spent in class) and demand hours (the total notionaly hours for the unit including reading, assignment work and study).

No student will ordinarily be permitted to enrol in a full-time course where he or she is working (employed) more than 8 hours per week (apart from FES). Full-time postgraduate research students (MTh and ThD) should work no more than 20 hours per week. No student who is working full-time will ordinarily be permitted to enrol in more than an average of 8 cps per semester within any year.