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Opening hours

The library is open to the public from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and alternate Mondays of the academic year. See Calendar. Enrolled students may have access at other times by arrangement with the PTC staff.

Onlin catalogue

Library handbook

The library produces a handbook each year with information such as

• Maps of the Library
• The Catalogue System
• How to access the Library Catalogue from Home
•How to borrow and reserve books
• Wireless Internet Details
• Photocopying

To download a copy of the handbook, please click here.

Library cards and borrowing policy

The circulation system is automated, providing tracking of books on loan and control of the library's collection. All borrowers must obtain a Library Card from the PTC Office.

Annual Library Card Charges:
Current students and staff - Free
Replacement card - 10.00
Presbyterian Ministers, Home Missionaries, Deaconesses - $10.00
PTC Graduate Ministers of other denominations - $10.00
APWM missionaries - $10.00
Approved borrowers (See librarian) - $50.00 or $30 per semester

Library Donations

Tax deductable library donations may be made by downloading here and posting in payment to the PTC office.


The Theological Hall of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales was established at St Andrew's College, The University of Sydney, in 1873. The Library of this institution was named in honour of a generous benefactor, Mr Robert Gillespie. With the relocation of the PTC to Ashfield, then Burwood, in the 1980s, a new library was established. This Library subsequently took possession first of the library of the Rev. Stuart Petrie and then the Presbyterian share of the Gillespie Library (both formerly housed at St Andrew's College).

From these small beginnings the collection has grown to over 38,000 volumes. The library subscribes to over 100 journals and holds a growing collection of other media and resources. The Library's strengths lie in biblical studies, Reformation theology, church history and practical and pastoral theology. It is the collection policy to continue to build on these subject categories and to develop further other areas such as biblical and cognate languages, Judaism, patristics, comparative religion, ethics, social sciences, Christian education, church polity and worship, missiology and general history.

Document Delivery (Inter-Library Loan) Policy

A Document Delivery is the obtaining from another library a copy of a monograph on loan, or a photocopy of an article or portion of a book.Ordinarily there is no DD service for students enrolled in undergraduate courses or for non-student library users. Students enrolled in the MA are entitled to 2 DDs (non-cumulative) per subject.Full-time research students are entitled to six DDs per semester (cumulative to a maximum of 12) and part-time research students are entitled to three DDs per semester (cumulative to a maximum of 12). For students enrolled in ACT postgraduate research degrees, additional DDs to the value of $100 per annum are currently available. Beyond these limits, library users might be able, with the librarian’s consent, to request additional DDs on payment of $20 per DD.