Perle bleu Applying to study at PTC

Step One
Download Application Form or contact the Administrator for a form to be sent.

Step Two
Complete and return the Application Form to the PTC with the following:

Step Three
You may be invited to make an appointment for an interview with the Principal.

Step Four

You will be advised by mail/email of acceptance or otherwise.

Step Five
You may be requested to make an appointment to see the Registrar regarding course requirements and where relevant with FES Co-ordinator prior to enrolment.

Step Six
Complete an Enrolment Form (to choose your units) and make an appointment with the Administrator to complete the Enrolment Process.

Step Seven
Make course payment (if not taking out FEE-HELP) before the end of week two of classes (or by the end of day two of an intensive unit).

The closing date for applications is generally 1 December (for first semester) and 1 June (for second semester) but late applications may still be considered after this date.

Fees for 2008
Download Fees PDF here

A copy of our Withdrawal Policy may be found here.


This document sets out the arrangements which apply to PTC students for FEE-HELP. More information about FEE-HELP may be found at

What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is a loan scheme available to Australian citizens (and some others) for the payment of tuition fees for an accredited course with an approved Higher Education Provider (similar to HECS).

The limit for FEE-HELP loans is indexed each year and is $81,600 in 2008.

There is a 20% loan fee for undergraduate units each time a loan is taken. There is no loan fee for postgraduate units (including MDiv). The loan fee is added to your FEE-HELP debt.

Students repay their loan through the tax system once their income is above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

Students may make an upfront payment to reduce their FEE-HELP loan.

The Australian College of Theology census dates (the dates on which the FEE-HELP loan indebtedness is incurred) are March 30 (first semester) and August 30 (second semester).

FEE-HELP loans are extinguished at death.

Who is eligible for FEE-HELP?

Australian citizens and holders of permanent humanitarian visas.
Note: Permanent residents, NZ citizens and overseas students are NOT eligible for FEE-HELP. Units which are not being taken as part of an ACT award are NOT eligible for participation in FEE-HELP.

Paying off your FEE-HELP debt

FEE-HELP debts are transferred to the Tax Office for collection through the taxation system as accumulated debts. You do not have to begin repaying your accumulated debt until your repayment income is above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

How do I pay off my FEE-HELP debt when the ATO has not processed the details yet?
To pay off any amounts on your FEE-HELP debt call the Higher Education Loan Accounts Unit on 1300 650 225. You will need to ask them to set up an account for you if they don't already have information on your debt amount. They do take a while to have accounts set up automatically. When the ATO has finally processed the information the Australian College of Theology has given them, the amount in your account will be taken off any debt balance you may have.