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Mission Statement

The Presbyterian Theological Centre is committed to advancing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by developing leaders who understand, communicate and live out the Scriptures in order to serve God's people.

Our Faith

The Christian Church has been entrusted with a gospel to proclaim. Ours is a faith with content, with coherent answers to the questions and problems which this world is dying to hear.

The Lord of the Church has committed this message to his believing community, and particularly to its ministers, elders and teachers, who are to be equipped for the task of equipping others.

To this end, the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales has established and maintains a Centre to facilitate the training of Christian leaders, both for its own ministries, and as a service to other denominations and individuals who may choose to take advantage of the resources offered.

Our History

The Theological Hall, as it was then known, was established in 1873 by the N.S.W. Presbyterian Assembly to provide training for Presbyterian ministers. As the Presbyterian Training Institute, it was given a wider range of responsibilities in 1983 when it moved from St Andrews College, University of Sydney, to Ashfield.

Since 1987 it has has operated under its present name at Burwood in Sydney. The PTC is involved in, training pastors, church planters, deaconesses, missionaries, chaplains and youth workers and others who simply want a better understanding of God's word and better skills for communicating their faith. The emphasis of the Centre is on practical Bible-based training which is ministry oriented. There is also a great flexibility in the way the teaching resources of the Centre may be utilised to the best advantage by any individual.

While being under the Presbyterian Church, the Centre operates in conjunction with the external awards of the Australian College of Theology, and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas.

Our Theology

The staff of the PTC are committed to the Reformed evangelical faith and to maintaining a cordial openness to other Christian traditions. The doctrinal position of the Presbyterian Church of Australia is set out in the Westminister Confession of Faith as this is read in the light of this Church's Declaratory Statement of 1901.

Our Governance

The Presbyterian Theological Centre is operated by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of New South Wales. The legal entity is the Presbyterian Church (New South Wales) Property Trust, established by the Presbyterian Church (New South Wales) Property Trust Act 1936 (as amended) of the NSW State Parliament.

The Assembly appoints the Faculty and the Executive of the Theological Education Committee (TEC).

The Theological Education Committee, consisting of the Executive together with representatives from presbyteries, is responsible, under the Assembly, for the governance of the Centre.

The General Assembly of Australia is responsible for maintaining uniform standards in theological education throughout the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and, through its College Committee, for the academic grading of candidates, and on the completion of their requirements, for the granting of Exit Certificates.

Our Educational Philosophy

As the Bible and Theological College of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW, the PTC upholds the heritage of the Reformation's approach to and understanding of the Bible. The PTC encourages growth in knowledge of God, his word and his world.

In keeping with its Reformation heritage, the PTC is committed to excellence in scholarship. The PTC seeks to foster among its staff and students a servant approach to ministry. It is committed to learning in the contexts of the traditions of the Christian Church and of contemporary scholarship while being prepared to subject all things to the scrutiny of Scripture.

Our Accreditation

Some courses at the PTC are recognised by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the purposes of FEE-HELP, Abstudy and Austudy and some courses are listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for which our provider code is 02650E.  The degrees and diplomas of the Australian College of Theology as taught at the Centre are accredited by the Higher Education Unit of the NSW Department of Education and Training and registered with the Australian Council on Tertiary Awards.

Our Facilities

The PTC campus is situated in the Sydney suburb of Burwood in a residential area, but handy to shops and transport. Facilities include an auditorium / chapel seating 150, two well equipped lecture / seminar rooms seating 46 and 32, common areas, library, staff offices and interview room.

Our Library

The growing library of over 40,000 volumes is registered as a public library, serving the needs of staff, students, the wider church and the general public.

Students' Representative Council

The Students' Representative Council (SRC) has adopted the following mission statement:

The mission of the Students' Representative Council is to help improve student life at the PTC through the development of a community spirit, service to each other, and by improving student resources. We aim to make study enjoyable, encouraging, and beneficial to all students and their families.

The SRC is elected annually by the student body. Matters which fall within the ambit of the SRC mission statement may be raised with the SRC.

Student Body Profile

The PTC student body consists of over 100 students, male and female, from a variety of denominational backgrounds and nationalities.

There are those specifically studying for ministries within the Presbyterian Church and other churches and those who wish to equip themselves with a better understanding of the Christian faith.